Friday, February 22, 2008

Dating Days

This is at an institute activity that cody and his band played at, they were awesome! Here i am in my bartending days! Italian Sodas Rock!

Heres cody and Andy playin and singin
This is us at a party at my apartment, with our friend josh in the back ground, he set us up and he liked me, opps!

Here i am just hangin out!

Us being cuddly at the institute activity!

This is the first day cody and i met, we just had breakfast!

And of course not knowing i would meet my husband i wore no makeup and went in PJ's good thing he still loves me!

Me, after a long night of parting at the singles dance, its funny cody actually played at that dance and i didnt even see him, i was with another guy, but we met the very next morning!

I had to sing in church the sunday after we met so here we are practicing

One of my friends had emailed me all these pictures and i had saved them on my email and didnt even remember they were there untill today, so i thought it would be fun to put some on for those of you who didnt know me before cody and i got married!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Day At The Park!

Today we decided to take kennady to the park, it was really nice and warm so it seemed like the perfect day to. She loved it she loves getting to ride in her stroller so we walked up to the park near our house and she watched everything. Then at the park there were two other little kids and a dog and she watched them and wanted to play with them, they liked her too except they only spoke spanish so we had no idea what they were telling us. She is also learning how to walk, she is reallly good at it when someone is holding her hands. She is still a little shacky anyother way.

While at the park we let her slide down the slide and found out she is not a big fan of it. But we did learn she loved the tube that she could crawl through, she also liked the little windows so she could see us outside.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Stuff!

I went to Target the other day and found these sunglasses for kennady they were so cute i couldnt resist i had to get them. You cant see it very well but on the corners they have daisies which are so cute. She also got some new shoes, crocs which cody does not like at all but i thought in a size 3 maybe he would think different and he did! He maybe coming around himself, he saw some that were lined with fur and he thought he could probably wear them!

Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep!!

KENNADY SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!! I know this isnt very long but i am so excited that she slept through the night and so hopefully this is one of many nights to come, allthough i am not going to hold my breath!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Cookies

Kennady and i decided to make cookies for Valentines Day, So we made pink cookie dough and cute our cookies in the shape of hearts it was a lot of fun and kennady actually was very interested in what was going on. (mainly testing the cookie dough to make sure it didnt taste funny!) Kennady helping cut out hearts
Her favorite part was eating the spoon!

she kept looking at Cody and screaming at him, like saying....look dad i am making cookies and mom is letting me eat the dough!!

this is her tugging at my shirt telling me she wanted to help more!

It turned out to be a lot of fun, this was our first time to make cookies together and then we took them to grandma sylvias house on valentines day and we took the other plate to my visiting teachers. I am really surprised at how much she likes to do now and how much more of an attention span she is getting, she only got distracted when cody was doing something and she thought it might be more fun then what we were doing. So i would put her back on the floor to crawl over to him and then about 10 seconds later she was back wanted to help me again. Dad was no fun he was just studying!

Trampoline time!

On Valentines day cody had to work so to pass the time i took kennady outside to play on the trampoline, since today was one of the nicest days we have had in a while and it was warm enough outside that we didnt freeze. So i took her and let her crawl around on the trampoline. At first she was a little skeptical about the whole thing and then she would sit on her knees and bounce up and down and she loved it, it was so cute and she loved seeing our neighbors dog when she was so high up so she could see over the fence.
here she is looking at the neighbors dog.

This is when she finally figured out what she did on this huge black thing!

She wanted to stand up and jump too, but she wasnt very succesfull with not having very good balance.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day surprise!

Cody and i celebrated Valentines Day yesterday since cody has to work tonight! Well we had a great dinner and then went to a movie. I got to plan what we were having and all that fun stuff to surprise him, except he surprised me the most when he told me that we are going to see Brain Regan when he comes to town in two weeks!!! I am so excited I have always wanted to go and see him but the last time he was here, he came when corey and laurie were in town and he came on sunday so we werent able to go so now he is commming on and he will be here on a friday so here we go! I can hardly wait i will have to take pictures and tell you guys how good he is!! My husband is the Best!!! I love him so much!

Valentines Day Tag.

I got tagged by Laurie, I tag: who ever hasnt been tagged yet.
How long have you been together? this last january we have been together two years now.
How old is he? 23
How old are you? 21
Who eats more? He eats more during the day, but we eat about the same at night.
Who said "I love you" first? Cody
Who is taller? Cody
Who sings better? I would say cody, but we both sing.
Who is smarter? equally, but in different ways.
Who does the laundry? Me
Who does the dishes? Me normaly but cody helps out all the time.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're looking from the foot of the bed, Me
Who pays the bills? Cody.
Who mows the lawn? My parents we live at their house
Who cooks dinner? I do all the cooking.
Who is more stubborn? I am definetly more stubborn
Who kissed who first? Cody kissed me!
Who asked who out? Cody asked josh to ask me to do something, then he asked me to be his!Who proposed? Cody.
Who is more sensitive? Me
Who has more friends? about the same
Who has more siblings? Cody
Who wears the pants in the relationship? I would say Cody

Monday, February 11, 2008


This is her the day after she was born And this is her now!
This week i have been going through old pictures, and i found these pictures of the first day she was born and how little she was. I still cant believe that she was ever that small! I know a lot of you guys didnt get to see her this small. So i thought that i would put these on. This was the next day after she was born i hadent even seen her yet. I was still on bed rest from passing out the night before, so Cody, his parents and my parents would go and take pictures of her and then bring them back down for me to see. I cant believe that was almost a year ago! I hope we dont have to go through that with our next one!

Friday, February 1, 2008

We will miss Chris!

Well as i know all of you know Christopher got a job in Utah and will be leaving tomorrow morning. Kennady is really going to miss him as well as Cody and I will too. It was really funny how she came to love her uncle, at first when he would come into the room she would smile at him and lure him in...was the way Chris put it... and then as soon as he got close she would cry. Now she crys when he leaves the room. He has taught her how to do High Five and she does it with him all the time. She is going to miss him a lot but we will come and visit as much as possible. We love you Christopher!