Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silver Wood

We had a family day at silverwood we went with Sylvia, Cindy, Mike and Clacie. We had a lot of fun. The boys rode the rides while us girls spent the day at the water park. They have a train ride for the whole family and kennady wanted to go on it all day so for the last thing we did we took her on the train she loved it.
But by the time we went she was pretty tired. We spent all day at the park in the sun, and i mean all day got there at 11 and left that night at 8:30 so she almost fell asleep on the train.

Kennady and Cody

There really arent very many rides for kids her age or size but she loved riding the merry go round.
Sylvia and Clacie found the perfect water park for her called toddler springs and it just has lots of different things spraying water. She was in heaven she spent all day there. And its nice and small so we could sit on the side and still see her no matter where she went which made it so much nicer than having to run around keeping track of her all day.
She loved playing with daddy and showing him all the different water toys.
here she is with clacie sitting on one of the sprayers.

When she first got over there she wanted someone with her all the time but as the day went on she became more comfortable playing with the other little kids and knowing where we were if she needed us.

I went around with Cody and Mike for a little bit just to take pictures. I am not a roller coaster person but these two boys are and they went for the biggest and baddest.
They are on the end of this roller coaster.
They are on the bottome looking straight up.

Now they are on the top looking down.
I put these on in the wrong order but here is cody coming down on the panic plunge, the free falling coaster. So the after.

The before.

Mike after
And Mike before.
When we first got to the park they had a kids place that was for a little bit older kids, we hadnt found the other place yet. Anyway they have one of thos giant buckets that fills up and who knows when dumps a ton of water on you. Well we had just gotten ther and the water was pretty cold and kennady and i went exploring and of course just as we got up on the toys the giant bucket dumps straight on us and she was not too excited about that so she wanted daddy to take her around and she did NOT want to be splashed. poor thing. So Cody took her around trying to get her comfortable playing in the water again.
But she was not about to let him go.
Cody was trying to get her to have fun and play but she didnt get into these toys, good thing we found the other ones.
But cody seemed to have fun squirting some kid with this giant squirt gun.
It was a good day lots of time together playing and riding rides. We all came home with a nice red glow and pretty dang tired.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sylvia's Birthday

Today is Sylvia's Birthday and we had a little celebration in Coeur d Alene at the lake. Too bad the weather didnt work with us it was nice and warm but SOOO windy that it was too cold to swim and so we had a picnic dinner and then went to Dockside to get gooies. Here we are eating dinner trying not to be blown away.

This is what the lake looked like with the crazy winds.

super hero Cody
Sylvias gooie with a candle for her birthday
These things are so huge you have to share.
Mike and Clacie with their gooie
Cindy, Kennady and her friend eating their gooie. Love the size of cindys first bite. lol
Cody and I got creme brulee instead sooo yummy
My cute girl
More eating
I dont know what she was doing here but she looks like she might be in a sugar coma
Guess not since she needed to go and try nana and papas
we then all went back to chris and sylvias and played games it was a fun day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July!

On Sunday we had a BBQ and celebrated the fourth, We had a blast i bought a few little fireworks for kennady to watch in the driveway. She loved it.
Here we are with sparklers. And yes its in the day light but we were going to go see the fireworks downtown and we did these little fireworks before we left.
Chris and Sylvia
Mike and Clacie
My beautiful little girl with her bag of pop its.
Nana showing her how to play with the sparklers
Papa showing everyone how to have a good time. (love this picture so funny)
These two were having pop it wars thowing them at eachother. So ment to be brothers.
Kennady helped nana water the flowers and then she tried to water her daddy too.
Downtown at the fireworks eating snow cones. which are so not as good as the ones you get in utah or boise.

Daddy taught her to do this to papa
So cute daddy and Kennady taking a little rest before the fireworks start.
Kennady loves to cuddle and she sure loves to cuddle with mike. So she decided to break up clacie and Mike
When the big fireworks started kennady got a little scared and for some reason she needed to have this in front of her face but at the end she loved it.

Frisbee Golf

Sorry i didnt take very many pictures from codys birthday things were so crazy it just got forgotten, but to sum up what we did. On the morning of his birthday he got up and went golfing with Mike, then when he got home we had a bbq at our house before going to the pool and playing in the water for awhile, then after that Cody and Jared have been wanting to go and try frisbee golfing for awhile so we bought some disks and went to corbin park and played it was a lot of fun but a lot of hiking involved as well. Then of course dinner and then Eclipse. And of course i only got pictures of us golfing so here they are. Cody golfing.
We are probably all looking for the disk.

Kimbos turn kennady watching and me holding jake.
I think mike was teaching clacie or giving her some pointers.

And of course a great picture of mike doing who knows what!