Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All i can say is at least its not on the walls!

Valentines Day!

Sorry for the lack of posting Cody and i are in our new place and we havent gotten internet yet so i can only post when at my parents house. So here is our valentines day. On Valentines day cody had to work and we didnt have a babysitter to go out so kennady and i spent the morning getting some fun things for that night. We bought balloons and dinner and decorated the house. cody came home with flowers for me and popsicles for kennady.
I got him this box of chocolate pecan clusters
I made a huge dinner with snow crab, steak, artichoke dip, salad and for dessert cody got an ice cream cake for baskin robins. By the way this was my first time making crab and it was a little creepy but it turned out awesome.

Our dinner table

I stole this traditon from Sylvia, balloons at all the table chairs and sugar cookies from the store, it was awesome.
After dinner we went to the blockbuster and bought 4 movies they were on sale 4 for 20$ It was a lot of fun to spend valentines day as a family.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The start to our Valentines Day!

On friday Cody and i had a couple of our friends over for a pre-valentines dinner. It was tons of fun we had them over to our house, which they are the first people to come over to our house for us to entertaining it was a lot of fun. We had a nice dinner and fun dessert. Then our stake had a couples valentines dance. It was very well done they had a band and lots of food...3 fondu fountains and tons of goodies. We also won the contest for the most creative wedding proposal so i got a rose and a certificate. We had a great night and it was a good start to valentines day. Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kennadys big girl potty!

This past week we bought Kennady a potty to see if we could start trying to potty train. We havent tried to hard with everyone being sick but she likes to sit on it and she always tells us thats her potty and the other one is mommy and daddys potty.

The best/worst week of my life!

We have been having so much fun living in our new place, i love being able to decorate the way i want it and i am getting to go through all the old boxes we had in the garage and see all the fun things i have its like christmas all over again, some things i totally forgot i even owned. On the other hand it has been a super hard and exauhsting week, Kennady ended up getting the flu last friday and we spent all day cleaning up after her then on monday cody ended up with it too. So i had to work and take care of kennady and cody by tuesday everything was back to normal and we got back on a normal routine, but of course it didnt last long cause thursday night i ended up with the flu too. So far everyone is feeling better and i am hoping no more sickness its way to hard to have the whole family sick.