Monday, March 31, 2008

This weekend we went to Utah for our spring break and we had a blast. We got to Corey and Lauries house on Thursday and just started playing. We were really excited to get the kids together and see how they would do. Last time they got together Kennady would scream and it would make Conner cry so we were hoping things would go better, and it did those two were best friends from the minute we got there. That night we went to the Rodizio Grill and it was awesome we got to try different kinds of food like rattle snake and chicken hearts. It was so much fun. The next day cody and went shopping at the outlet malls in park city and found some really good deals. We then that night went to Tres Hombres for dinner and the kids loved the guy playing the guitar. On Saturday the boys went golfing while laurie and i went shopping and most people thought we had twins. But as soon as the boys got done golfing Laurie and I went and got pedis which was so much fun. We are so excited to move down there. Laurie and I didnt need to entertain our kids they entertained themselves together. It was so much fun. Cody really liked being able to see his brothers again, and i loved hanging out with Laurie. We love you guys.


This year we had an amazing easter, it was so much fun. Cody and i decorated the house with easter eggs so when Kennady got up she could play with all of them. At first she really didnt know what to think but as soon as my dad showed her what was inside she thought they were the best thing ever.

This is her ready for church.

Daddy and Kennady ready for church
looking through her easter basket

getting the hang of this egg thing

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ady' s nighty night poems

Hi this is Cody....I have written allot of children's poems for kennady and so I going to start posting my favorite ones on the blog. Here's the first....
The Whimsical Pig
by Cody Kunz
When I was a kid I met a Pig,
On my Grandpa's ranch,
Who said to me her biggest dream,
Was to one day dance,
So I went and found my Grandma's gown,
Which fit the pig quite well,
And watched her dance through the fence,
Until the dinner bell.

Easter Bunny!

Yesterday we went to the mall to see the Easter bunny. I was a little nervious that she would freak out, like most kids do. But to my complete surprise she loved the easter bunny. She waved at him and kept talking to him and had a blast, and everytime we walked by she would start pointing and talking to the bunny it was so cute. It still shocks me she was so happy around him.

The Easter bunny also gave her this little ears hat and she loved it. Normaly if we put anything on her head she pulls it off immediately, but with these ears she left them on the entire time we were shopping.
by this time she was getting pretty tierd. Time to go home.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

First time golfing this year!

Yesterday Cody and i went golfing for the first time this year. He kept telling me that we needed to go before we go to Utah cause he wanted to practice so he could beat Corey and Chris.....except the way we golfed yesterday we really stunk it up. Although we had a good time just being together. Except it was freezing cold but walking helps warm you up. This is cody before we went just putting around waiting for the guys in front of us to get far enough ahead.

Easter FHE

This past monday we decided to dye easter eggs and then decorate cookies. We had a lot of fun although it was a lot harder with kennady. But she had a blast decorating cookies or i guess eating cookies. Here's cody and my little sister dying eggs.

This is what kennady was doing while we dyed eggs. She looked so cute in an old shirt of mine.

Here she is eating her cookie, which she loved.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Joker

Hey This is cody....melissa doesnt know im doing this but i wanted to post somthing on our blog just to see what it was like. So as you all know I love Batman and this july THE DARK KNIGHT comes out.....any way....This is a picture of Heath Ledger who plays the joker in the movie. Why I decided to post his picture is actually because of a church published book that Mom and Dad have had laying around the house since Grandpa and Grampa Call died. They had an amazing libarary and the book we have is called Leadership. It's a collection of different article on this subject and one article told the story of a man who played the role of judas in a traveling musical of Christ's life and death. The man performed his part perfectly but eventually became severly depressed and burdened with guilt. The his roll as judas ended when the man killed himself. The article went on to make the point that we become what we most commonly act as. If we assumed the role of leader we will eventually become one. Interesteing enouph Heath Leadgers role as The Joker seemed to ware heavy on his death as well. I was reading a magazine at work about him and it stated he had had trouble sleeping since he began filming as The Joker. He described his role as sedistic and evil, a character with no remorse or regard to human life. seemed to me that the role was a tip of an iceburg of depression and guilt he already felt from his recent devorce and it seemed to much for him to handle. I dont think he intentionally killed himself but it seemed ironic to me. THE MOVIE IS GOING TO ROCK. thats for sure...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Kennady's Leg!

Well as many of you have heard or may not have heard, we took Kennady to the doctor this week to look at her leg. While there the doctor really didnt know what it would be so she had us go and get an X-Ray and they would let us know the next day what was going on. So we talked to the doctor the next day and she didnt know what it was but they needed us to come in the next day to look at her once more. So today we went in and she said that she didnt see any of the spots she was looking for, which is good so now we are suppose to go see a doctor to see if it is something genetic. After they find out if it is or not then we will go to Shriners and see a specialist and then we will have an MRI and they will decided from there what will happen. When we talked to Doctor Olson he said that he has never seen this before and that it is very rare. They gave us a couple of options that they thought Shriners might do which is they might have to break her leg and then reset it, thats only if it isnt genetic, if its genetic and they break her leg then it will grow back the way it is now. The other option is they will put her in a leg brace to make it straight again. We wont know anything for awhile now we have an appointment in April and then we should know more, but we will keep everyone updated as we know more. This is the X-Ray of her leg the right one has both bones bowing out.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Moving Carpet!

Today we were helping Chris and Sylvia move their new carpet into the house, It was so funny the guys didnt think it was going to as heavy as it was. So they had some very interesting ways of getting it in the house.

They started by just looking at it cause they barley got it off the truck, at the store they used a forklift.

The first idea was to flip it end over end.

They finally got it straight up.

Then they had a hard time getting it back down, without crushing anyone.

Sylvia showing the guys how its done.

The next idea was to straddle it, dont really know why Cody is facing the wrong way?

Then they thought dragging it would be better.

Finally i got on one end and pushed while they dragged it up the stairs then, Clacie and Cindy showed up to help get it in the family room, it was a really heavy piece of carpet but we all helped and got it in, the guys were so funny trying to figure it out on their own.LOL

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brain Regan

So for Valentines day cody bought me tickets to see Brian Regan. We had a blast we went with our friends kimbo and Jared. We went to eat at Shogun which we had never been to before it was really fun and interesting. Then we went to the opera house to see Brian Regan, it started with this guy named Kermit Apeal and he was a local comedian and he was hillarious, but not quite as good as Brian Regan. It was the best show i have ever been to we laughed for two hours straight, i would definetly go if you ever have the chance Cody and i would go again in a heart beat!! It was the Best!!!!

Kennady loves to hear her daddy sing.

Kennady loves when cody plays the guitar she starts to dance and will even sing a long with him it is the cutest thing you have ever seen. She even tries to play the guitar too.

50$ Sofa

Well last weekend i was waiting for cody to get out of school so i decided to run over to Fred Meyers and just walk around untill he was done. So while i was there i saw a sofa that i just loved it was part of a set i had seen earlier and wanted it then, well it just so happened that this sofa was on sale because of a little rip in the back so it was marked down from 600 to 100 and i thought for sure i was going to get it but i wanted to ask cody what he thought of first, so i told a guy to hold if for me and he told me that he would sell it to me for 50 bucks so i stanched it up right then. I love it so now i just need to get the rest of the living room as soon as we find a place to live.

New Camera

This past little while i have been asking Cody if we can get a digital camera, since we dont have one and i keep taking my parents. So he told me that we could get one this last weekend, so we went shopping all day and found one at Sears that i love. So now there will probably be a lot more pictures on here.