Thursday, September 24, 2009

swimming,wakeboarding,and tubing

We did a lot of stuff but what we did the most was play in the water. Cody and I brought my parents boat up and we did wakeboarding and tubing it was a lot of fun. This is the lake we stayed at. Priest Lake.
Cody wakeboarding
Corey Wakeboarding
Mike getting ready to wakeboard
Here goes mike

When we werent in the water we did shotting and yes i hit the target
Kennady finally got comfortable with Chirs again.
Corey tubing
Corey and Conner tubingConner and Corey tubing he did so good.
These two were so cute together they played really well together. We wish they lived closer
We had so much fun at priest lake. Next year we are going to stay longer and play even more.

Granite Falls

One of the days we were up there we all went to granite falls and hiked around. This was the drive there.
Climbing around at the bottom of the falls.
Christopher climbing over.
Kennady and i climbing up.
Cody and Kennady hiking back down.
at the very top there is a place called the ancient cedar grove we didnt make it all the way there but cody found a huge tree at the bottom of the mountain.
The dads and their kidos

my beautiful girl
Family photo

This was the bottom of the falls they were beautiful.

Heading up to the cabin

So i thought i would put our trip to priest lake in three sections. This was us driving up there. We stopped at zips and had dinner on the way up cindy ended up ordering more fries than she relized so she gave this tub to kennady and then she did not want to share she got all pouty when some one took fries.

She was in a wierd mood she didnt want Cindy to take one of her sippys away so she showed her she needed both of them.

I tried to take pictures of everyone in our car so here is cody and me he is driving.
Our fearless leader
Cindy and Kennady chillin in the back

Pig Out In The Park 09

This year we went to pig out in the park with Matt and Arah, Codys aunt and uncle. It was a lot of fun tons of food and music.
We had giant corn dogs
Kennady loved to dance to the music it was really fun.
And Brinley and Kennady became good friends she loves when we do stuff with them cause then Brinley gets to come over and play

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was looking through pictures today and i came across this one from when kennady was almost 1 and i just can not believe how different she looks. i never thought kennady was a fat baby at all and she really isnt but i never realized how round of a face she had and how grown up she looks now.

Lately kennady has surprised me with how grown up she is getting and how i can have an actual converstion with her. She is almost 2 and a half where has the time gone?