Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kennady just cant get going with out her morning coffee

Cody and i love to go to the coffee shops around and get italian sodas and train wrecks, but of course when kennady is around sh always wants her own. So we get her a kids drink too. Well we went to a new place and her kids drink came in this coffee cup and ours come in a plastic cup so it looked like she had coffee. We thought it was cute.

Swimming in Coeur D Alene

last weekend we went to CDA to play at the beach, i was a little nervious to go since kennady cant get in the water at all but lucky for me she did great she loved just sitting on the towel and playing in the sand.
This is cody out swimming he is gettting ready to do a tri-athalon so he has been running a lot swimming a lot and he also just bought a new bike and has been obsessing over that as well i am excited to see him do it and i know he is too.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July

This 4th we went out to dinner at sawtooth grill and then went to the park and watched fireworks it was a lot of fun. Kennady got to play with conner and she loved it. It was a fun weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kennady's leg before and after.

Kennady and Daddy sleeping the same way in the hospital
This is what her leg looks llike right now.

these are the before pictures

I thought this was funny

A couple of weeks ago kennady and i were going somewhere and she loves bringing her doll in her stroller with us but when i put her in the car she was very persistent that i needed to buckle the dolly in too, so i did and it was really cute.

Emily's College Graduation

My little sister graduated from college this year. So we went to the graduation.
Here they are throwing their caps, something i wasnt allowed to do in high school it was supposedly to dangerous.
The sisters

my parents with kennady she has to be in most pictures with emily

my grandma and grandpa

Kennady waiting for it to start.

Car D'Lene