Sunday, November 28, 2010


This year our plan was to head to Idaho Falls to have thanksgiving with my grandma Eva but because of all the snow we werent able to head down there so instead we went to st. Maries and spent the weekend with my grandma Sharon playing in the snow and sledding. Kennady loved it. This is kennady and i sledding.
Cody going down
Kennady got brave enough and started going down by herself.
kennady and papa
papa pushing kennady to get her started.
and of course kennady eating the snow.

Girls weekend in Seattle

At the beginning of November Arah and i took the girls and we went to seattle for an over night trip. It was really nice to get away for the day and spend sometime out of town. We went to pikes market, Ikea and the outlet malls we had a lot of fun.

We went to the gum wall and added our gum to it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

We Are Going Private!!

I have decided to go private with my blog. I have had on a number of occations had people leave comments who i have never met or even know at all and their profile pictures are a little scandalise so i dont feel comfortable letting them read my blog and see my life when i dont know them and some times i feel i put some things on here that are very personal and i dont need to share with the whole world so....after my ranting if you would still like to be part of my blog leave your email address and i will add you thanks everyone!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

This last week has been a hard one for me. One that i didnt think would effect me the way it did. Thursday was Mackenzie's Due date, i didnt think that it would really matter since what baby is born on their due date anyway, mine never are and i havent meet a person so far that has, unless of course its a C-section. Anyway it was hard not to think all week that i would love to be in labor right now i would give anything to be in labor getting ready to have a health full term little girl. But things just dont always turn out the way we plan. It was nice to have her due date near a holiday because it gave us lots of things to do so i didnt end up sitting at home feeling depressed. During this week it did give me time to think about how thankful i am for my family and friends. I'm so grateful to my husband who is willing to let me talk and cry on him. Without him i never could have made it through all of this. I am also grateful for this time of year, i love christmas its my favorite holiday by far and i love getting into the spirit of giving and thinking of others. I have found that through all of this the things that help me the most are thinking of others and giving to others. Its been nice to think of christmas and what i can give to others and how cody and i can help those arounds us. Its also nice to have this time to focus on christ and think about all he has given for me and if all i have to do it let my little girl be with him right now and let her do the work she needs to do then i can do that cause after everything i will still be able to raise her and she will always be my little girl.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things i've made recently.

Sorry for the lack of posting but things have been super busy, Cody has been working as usual and i have been trying to get a head start on christmas. My mom and i have been sewing like crazy but i cant post those things right now since it would ruin the surprise. But i did make this dress for kennady today and it is my first by myself clothing i have made normaly my mom is there to do most of the sewing while i cut and iron but i did this one from start to finish alone.
Kennady was modeling it for me.
A little while ago cody bought me some flowers and i didnt have a vase to put it in but i had this funny little three dish thing so i decided to take the flowers and make a center piece for my table and i think it turned out pretty cute.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mackenzie Eva

I havent been ready to post about my sweet little Mackenzie for awhile. I have just been trying to get into a normal routine again. I feel like some days i could write and talk all day about her and then others i can barley get out of bed without crying about everything, but i really want to write this to keep as a journal for my and my family. So the story of our little Mackenzie is this. We went into the doctor on Monday August 23rd for a normal visit. I had told cody over the weekend that i hadnt really felt her move much and was a little worried he told me dont worry we will see the doctor on monday and things will be fine. When we went in the nurses couldnt find her heart beat so they had me go down to get an ultra sound with the doctor. When the doctor did the ultra sound we found out that our sweet little girl no longer had a heart beat. They didnt know why and said they may never know why but after having her they maybe able to tell us more. We were given the option of getting things started that day or going home and coming back in the morning. We chose to head home and figure things out and also to get things in progress for her funeral. We went in the next morning at about 8 and i had her that afternoon at 2:13pm. She weighed 2 pounds 1 ounce and was 14 in long. She is beautiful to me and cody and we could see so many features from our family. She had codys toes a cute little nose just like kennady and was long and skinny. We were able to spend the day with her, getting lots of pictures and foot prints and stuff like that. It was very comforting to be able to hold her and spend a little time here on earth with her. It has definetly been a rough few weeks but i feel like we are getting into a normal routine again and that mackenzie is part of that routine we go and visit her often and its nice to have a place to see her and a place that is so comforting to be. i know that our little mackenzie was not ment to be with us at this time. I know that she only needed a body and i feel like she must be so amazing and perfect that heavenly father could only be without her for 7 months and soon we will be able to be together again. I miss her everyday but i feel at peace. I know we are an eternal family and that i will get to raise her in the next life. We love you Mackenzie!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Last weekend we went to Boise for a girls weekend and while we were there we went to zoo boise. Kennady loved it and it was a lot of fun i havent been to the zoo in a long time.
Komodo Dragon this thing was huge!

Kennady got to fee the goats she could have stayed in that one place all day if we would have let her she thought it was the coolest thing ever.
They also had these fun tunnels that you could crawl in and when you came out it looked like this... Andrew and kennady crawling through the tunnels
you came to this bubble thing where the prairier dogs would come look at you and sit on these bubble things it was a lot of fun.

Kennady striking a pose!

Kennady loved looking at all the animals
so cute riding the giraffe
Bald Eagles
We also did lots of shopping while we were down there and we happend to stop at a thrift store and kennady found these spongebob slippers that she wore all over the store it was so silly.

Monday, August 9, 2010


On sunday we decided to go test our luck and see if we could find any huckleberries and this is what we got. Not to bad for not having a place to go and not having to hick too much. We went home that night and had a huckleberry cheesecake dessert. It was so yummy.
Kennady loved going up to the mountain and running around.

She had to find a walking stick like daddy had earlier

We had lots of fun and found a great spot!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today Clacie and Mike had their little guy Emmitt, he was born August 3 2010 at about 2:00 he weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces and was 20 inches long. He is a healthy little guy and mom is doing good too!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Silver Wood

We had a family day at silverwood we went with Sylvia, Cindy, Mike and Clacie. We had a lot of fun. The boys rode the rides while us girls spent the day at the water park. They have a train ride for the whole family and kennady wanted to go on it all day so for the last thing we did we took her on the train she loved it.
But by the time we went she was pretty tired. We spent all day at the park in the sun, and i mean all day got there at 11 and left that night at 8:30 so she almost fell asleep on the train.

Kennady and Cody

There really arent very many rides for kids her age or size but she loved riding the merry go round.
Sylvia and Clacie found the perfect water park for her called toddler springs and it just has lots of different things spraying water. She was in heaven she spent all day there. And its nice and small so we could sit on the side and still see her no matter where she went which made it so much nicer than having to run around keeping track of her all day.
She loved playing with daddy and showing him all the different water toys.
here she is with clacie sitting on one of the sprayers.

When she first got over there she wanted someone with her all the time but as the day went on she became more comfortable playing with the other little kids and knowing where we were if she needed us.

I went around with Cody and Mike for a little bit just to take pictures. I am not a roller coaster person but these two boys are and they went for the biggest and baddest.
They are on the end of this roller coaster.
They are on the bottome looking straight up.

Now they are on the top looking down.
I put these on in the wrong order but here is cody coming down on the panic plunge, the free falling coaster. So the after.

The before.

Mike after
And Mike before.
When we first got to the park they had a kids place that was for a little bit older kids, we hadnt found the other place yet. Anyway they have one of thos giant buckets that fills up and who knows when dumps a ton of water on you. Well we had just gotten ther and the water was pretty cold and kennady and i went exploring and of course just as we got up on the toys the giant bucket dumps straight on us and she was not too excited about that so she wanted daddy to take her around and she did NOT want to be splashed. poor thing. So Cody took her around trying to get her comfortable playing in the water again.
But she was not about to let him go.
Cody was trying to get her to have fun and play but she didnt get into these toys, good thing we found the other ones.
But cody seemed to have fun squirting some kid with this giant squirt gun.
It was a good day lots of time together playing and riding rides. We all came home with a nice red glow and pretty dang tired.