Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help me i need sleep!

Hey everyone i need your ideas and suggestions. For about the past week now i have not been able to sleep. I go to bed lay there forever and then i get up go watch tv and still end up laying in bed till at least 1:30 if not later so now i need ideas about what to do. so what do you do to help you fall asleep?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kennady is no longer a baby!!!

For the past month now i have been thinking about getting kennady off the bottle, but i didnt know how to start and with her leg i just let her have whatever she wanted....probably not the best thing to do....but i did it anyway. So last week i finally decided that she didnt need a bottle anymore. So we went cold turkey....which cody thought ment i was going to starve her lol....and now we have been bottle free for 5 days. Its kind of hard because now she isnt a baby at all and i cant even call her a baby. When she was on the bottle i still felt like there was still a part of her that was a baby but not anymore. Oh well at least we are past the bottle now and i dont have to worry about that anymore. On another note cody got another job yesterday, just one in the evenings so now we are getting ready to move out !!!!!! we couldnt be happier i will post more when we find a place and move in.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Getting pumpkins and carving them.

I put these pictures on backwards, so here are the finished products. From left to right. Cindy, Melissa, Kennady, Cody and Clacie and Mikes. with the lights on.
With the lights off.
Everyone hard at work.
Kennady drew all over hers and put glitter on too. Chris separated the seeds from the goop to bake.

It was a little windy at Green Bluff, as you might tell from Kennadys hair.
Mike and Clacie pulling our pumpkins to the weighing station

It was a lot of fun Cody and I try and go up to pick pumpkins every year. We love it!

Hangin out with the fam

This weekend Mike and his mom came to town. We had a lot of fun, we ate tons of food and played lots of games. On Friday we went to dockside to get gooies but i just couldnt resist getting a creme brulee and it was amazing it was also huge normaly they are a lot smaller.
Then on Saturday after the boys went golfing and the girls went shopping we all went to green bluff to pick pumpkins. this picture i'm in.
And this one Chris is in.

We also had to go out to Casa De Oro. It seems to be a Kunz tradition, a couple things of huge nachos and everyone digs in.
Kennady was being such a ham when we were there everytime Clacie took her picture she would squeel and get all excited it was so funny.
Of course Kennady and grandpa checking out the Cerrera while we were at green bluff
I just really liked this picture. She has such a personality lately.

The things you'll see in Liberty Lake!

Yesterday Cody and I were on our way to Chris and Sylvias for dinner when we came to the stop light and saw this. I laughed so hard...thinking how did two cops on bikes pull over an SUV i mean couldnt the lady just hit the gas. I'm pretty sure she could out run them. It was funny and it really made my day.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The roads life leads us down!

So i havent been posting lately for a few reasons
1. We have been planning on moving to Boise.
2. Cody got a different job offer here in Spokane.
3. Kennady just got her cast off!!
To start off with we have been planning on moving to Boise for the last month or so we had gone down found a place and everything. So we were set except cody didnt have a job down there but we werent to worried we figured we could find one when we got down there.
Then two days before we were leaving he was at my moms dental office and she got a phone call from a guy wanting someone to work as a denture tech for him. Cody and i had talked about doing that but hadnt known what kind of schooling he would need or how to get into that field so that evening we talked it over and decided we should stay here for the next month at least to see how this job panned out.
And of course in the middle of all this Kennady got her cast off and the bone has healed a lot there is still some more healing to do but she wont need a cast on for that. Which was a relief to me i had been so excited for her cast to come of until one day it just hit me.....what if they take it off and it hasnt healed then what will they have to do? Of course we would have to start down the long road of surgerys but i just didnt know if i was emotionaly ready for that. But luckily it has started to heal and she will now just have to be in a brace.
Anyway we still hadnt heard back from this denture job and we were starting to find other things for cody to do till we moved again. Until FINALLY they called and offered cody the job. Today was his first day and he LOVED it. I am so excited he has finally found what he loves and the career he is going to pursue. So now we are going to be staying in spokane for awhile. He is planning on working at his new job until he learnes to be a full technition and then eventually we will open our own denture lab.
So there you have it our crazy life the past few weeks. It really is amazing at how the lord leads our lives in destinations we never thought we were going!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting into the Halloween spirit!

If you know Cody very well you will know that Halloween is his very favorite holiday. And if you know me very well its my least favorite. So since we have gotten married he has helped me get into the halloween spirit. So i have been trying to get all sorts of halloween decorations and we have to compromise on this point cause he likes those ugly gross decorations the ones that are half a body that crawl across the floor and stuff that pops out at out with blood all over his face so to make him happy that i actually decorate for halloween and to make my house a haunted house i have been making little things like this house i found at michaels which i get to paint and still have fun decorations.

Pig Out in the Park!

I always wanted a reason to buy this cute headbands and princessy things at the fair and pig out in the park and now i do. She wouldnt keep it on very long but it sure is cute!

Riding the Carousel in River Front Park

Labor Day