Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kennady's Surgery!

Sorry for the lack of posts things have been crazy and they just havent stopped. First off we moved out of the apartments we were managing and now live just down the street. I was having a hard time with my boss and i really wanted to go to school so we decided that this would be a better option for us. Second Kennady had her leg surgery this past week. So we have been in the hospital since thursday. I have pictures from us being there but i will have to post them later. But just to recap...We went in thursday morning at 6:00 they got her all dressed and scrubbed up and then we went to the surgery waiting room and they gave her some "happy juice" which made her super funny and way relaxed. Then they took her to the back room and cody and i sat in the wating room waiting for phone calls. It was really nice we had the surgery done at shriners and what they do is when they start the surgery they call you and then they call every hour to let you know how things are going. So we sat anxiously awaiting any phone call and as soon as we got it texting everyone what the news was. It was really nice the surgery was about 4 hours long and everything went great. They took the bad section of bone out in both of the bones in her leg then they put rods in both bones they also had to take a bone graphed from her hip to put in her leg as well. Then they casted her up and sent her to us. She did so good she wasnt scared our anything and i couldnt believe how good she did. We then spent the next two days in the hospital getting her ready to go home. So we were able to bring her home Saturday afternoon. She has been such a trooper and she is now starting to get her personality back, she has been pretty much asleep or really out of it when she is awake and today she started doing things and saying things she use to all the time. Although she now has this wierd thing where she needs to hold everything all the time and she wont even really want it. Like last night she NEEDED this little bag of cheetos so we gave it to her and she feel right asleep, but if you try and take them away from her even if she is asleep she will wake right up and freak out and then go back to sleep with them again. Anyway i will post more later when i have more time. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. We love you all!