Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brian Regan!!

We also went and saw Brian Regan this weekend, Cody bought me tickets for christmas. He is so funny and he had a ton of new material that we hadnt heard before so it made it that much funnier. We went to dinner at hills with matt, arah, mike and clacie and then we all went to the show we didnt get seats by eachother but it was still a lot of fun. We love when he comes to town and always try and get tickets he is never a waste of money so good i was laughing so hard i was crying.

Chiefs Hockey Game

So this weekend we had a lot going on Cody got a excellent score on his secret shop for the last month so his work gave him 4 free tickets to the chiefs hockey game so we decided to take kimbo and jared with us it was a lot of fun and a ton of fights right off the bat it was crazy.
Here we all are at the game mike and clacie bought tickets by our so they came too.

It was a blast we had really good seats so it made it even more fun.