Thursday, December 18, 2008

People make me sad sometimes!

Today Clacie and i went to the store to get snow pants. While we were leaving a car had gotten stuck in the side parking lot and a lady about my age or a little older got out of the car and started to push, but Clacie and i could see that she needed help so we pulled over and got out to help. So behind us there was this huge pickup with a guy in it and we thought maybe he would get out and help too since it would just be us girls but he just zoomed by not even thinking about stopping. Well Clacie and i got over there and started pushing this car and we looked in the window and a guy was driving. He was probably about 26 or so and i just thought how rude he sits in the car while us girls get out and push his lazy butt out of the snow. Well i got over it and we started home. We were still not out of the parking lot when we saw another car stuck and that same truck with the guy in it drove up to where they were stuck and turned around not bothering to get out and help again or even see if they needed anything he just drove off again. Luckily there was another car behind him that stopped and helped them out but it just made me think how sad it is that some people wont stop to help someone else when they need it. These things werent huge things people needed or even time consuming they just needed an extra set of hands to help push. I'm glad there are still lots of people who will stop and help. We saw more people stop to help others who we having a hard time. but who knows how many people drove past then before they had these people help. Sorry about my little rant. I just wish we could all take a little extra time to help someone else out this year. Isnt that what christmas is about?

And the snow came down and the snow came down. Day 2

Alright today is Thursday and it has not stopped snowing now for two whole days and i would have to say i love it. It really makes it look and feel like christmas. So today we went to Chris and Sylvias and tried the sledding thing again. This time we bought a different sled and cody and cindy spent most of the day snowblowing the yard and makeing a huge pile and the way its still not done so we will probably be over there again tomorrow to finish. Cindy and Kennady out playing.
I love my little pink snow angel.
She was so excited to go see her daddy and Cindy outside.

I took this pic just to show how much it had snowed so far and this was taken around 2 today and it wasnt done snowing.

Cody and Cindy out making the path for our sledding

While they were outside we sled inside.
Kennady thought this was better inside than out.

So finally it stopped today for awhile but its started again so we will see how much more we get.

Snow Snow Beautiful Snow! Day 1

On Wednesday we had the beginning of our huge snow fall. Kennady was so excited to see soooo, which is what she calls it. We made a little sledding hill in our front drive way it was very small and not much of a thrill but she seemed to like it. Here she is with her favorite person in the whole world her aunty Em. or as she calls her embly.
Here they are trying to make the sledding hill.
This is our front yard in the late evening on wednesday who knew it was only the beginning.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas photos

This is our family christmas picture.
So kennady has picked up this funny thing when she laughes she puts her hands over her mouth i have no idea who she saw do this but she does it all the time. Its hillarious.

Before and After!

Can you believe this is kennady this year and last year from christmas she has grown so much its amazing!

Mommys little helper!

Kennady is getting so big and she helps me do everything, loading and unloading the dishwasher, vaccuming, and cooking! Here we were making magic cookie bars and she rolled out the graham crackers for me.

Our Christmas Tree!

Sorry this picture isnt very good but this is our tree in our basement!! Thanks juli for the tree we love it!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Murder Mystery Dinner

On Saturday we had a how to host a murder dinner. It was a lot of fun. this was our dead person.
Ours was set in a wine vinyard. So this is how we decorated the table.
Sylvia was a vinyard owner, and Chris was a Wealthy German.
Clacie was a Sweet girl who was married to Mike the bad boy.
Cody was an 80 year old guy and i was a movie star.
We had so much fun.....We think this should be a tradition, especially when Corey and Laurie and Christopher come up.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures i forgot to take any. For Thanksgiving we stayed at my parents house and had my grandparents over. This year i was in charge of making pies, which if you know me very well i dont like pie. So i have never made pies before....but i gave it a shot and if i do say so myself i think they were amazing. I made a cheesecake, pumpkin pie and a huckleberry pie. We had a lot of fun playing games and eating till we couldnt move.

On Friday i braved the crowds and weather and ventured out at 5:30. And i would have to say it was worth it i got a lot of gifts for everyone and everything i bought was at least 50% off. I didnt get home till 1:00 and then i fell asleep and went back out that night to find more deals. I would have to say it was a lot of fun.