Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This year cody and i decided we are going to do things a little different we want to try something new every month and then we are going to start doing things instead of just going out to eat every weekend. So this month we decided to go to the Professional Bull Riders and we ended up having a really good time. We went with Mike and Clacie and had a blast it was really intense at parts but also fun to watch.

At the beginning of it they lite the field on fire and introduced the top three bull riders. Cody said just by doing that it was totally worth it.
It was amazing that 8 seconds seems like no time at all but when you are watching them it seems like forever you think oh man hes been on there a long time i'm sure hes on there at least 8 seconds or more then you look at the clock and its only been 4 it was crazy.

And man do those bull kick high!
They had a mini bull riding sections with little bulls and boys about 10 to 12 who rode them it was crazy that these kids have been riding for years and are awesome.
This was a mini bull
We had a lot of fun who knew bull riding could be so much fun to watch.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Christmas eve we always spend over at the kunz house and this year we came up with a new tradition we decided to always go to Texas RoadHouse for dinner and then we open the gifts we drew names for that night before we go home and then we always get a new game to play with the family. So here we are playing with kennadys new toy she got from conner.
Cody got Almond Roca and the movie Inception from Laurie he loved it i think he ate all the almond roca before we left. Way to go Laurie!
Cody had Sylvia so he made her an apron and one for kennady to match along with a recipe book and place mats that all match good job hunny..... ;) Cody might have had some help cause clacie got the same thing minus the apron for kennady and placemats. Which i made.
Kennady had Emmit and she made this cute dinosar blanket for him one side is fuzzy and the other is not.
We also got him a teething ring he mostly liked the wrapping paper. Who knew i could have saved so much money and just bought him a roll of paper
Conner got kennady a tinkerbell magnet dressup doll she loves it . Thanks conner
Here we all are at Texas Roadhouse.
I sure love my hubby he was awesome this year he really spoiled me he got me Brian Reagan tickets, tickets to a hockey game, beautiful necklace from him and mackenzie and tons of other stuff love you babe.
Mike and Clacie.
The Parents who started it all.
And of course Kennady and Cindy best buddies.


Christmas was a little different this year. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the whole year i love the snow and how pretty it makes everything i love the feeling you get around christmas time the giving and all the excitment of whats coming and who is coming and then of course all the family time together and all the traditions i just love it but this year i had a lot harder time getting into the spirit of things or even wanting to plan things to do or go places. I had to put a lot more effort into this year and i think it was just because i knew that we were missing one person in our family and this year and all though i know she was here in spirit it was hard to not have her hear to open presents with or even to buy her things. Before we knew anything was wrong my mom and i had already started talking about christmas and what we wanted to make for everyone this year and of course we talked about making mackenzie blankets and little things for her to play with so when christmas came around it was harder than i thought it was. We did do lots of fun things which helped get me more in the spirit of things. Kennady and I went to the mall to see santa she loves going to see all of those things at the mall.
My parents got kennady a new bike with training wheels and she loves it she is learing to ride it really well.
Cody always gets movies cause i go out the day after thanksgiving and they always have movies for 3 bucks so i get a few for everyone each year. This year he got the men who stare at goats and princess bride.
I of course got eclipse.
Kennady and Cody opening stocking stuff from santa.
Kennady was excited about her silly bands
She also got bath markers which have been a hit.
It was a good christmas and we had a lot of fun i know that each year it will be easier and easier not having mackenzie here but she will always be here with us in spirit.