Friday, August 29, 2008

Corey and Laurie Came to town and we went to Silver Mountain!

Its been a long time!

Sorry its taken me sooo long to put anything on here! We have just had a ton of stuff going on. About 3 weeks ago Cody and i headed out of town for the weekend for a little anniversary get away so we went to Boise to check things out. Then we got back on Sunday and Corey and Laurie got in town on Tuesday so we spent the whole week with them and we had a blast. Anyways they left on Sunday and Monday Kennady broke her leg so we spent most of Monday in the ER and then most of Tuesday at Shriners. So its been a long week along with all that has been going on. Also this week my cousins little girl passed away. So that has made things very hard she was only a week younger than Kennady. She had some problems with her heart and kidneys when she was born but she was starting to progress when she passed away. So my parents went down for the funeral the same day kennady and i spent the day at shriners so of couse my mom wasnt around to help me out like she normaly is in these kinds of situations. And of course bad things all ways come in threes so of course i had to get sick this week as well. So sorry for not posting as much i will try and get some pictures of Kennady's cast on here and fill you in more about what is going on with her leg as soon as i get pictures. Love you all!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Huckleberries and a picnic!

Today we went up to Mt Spokane and went huckleberry picking. It was a blast, then when we got back to the car we had a picnic. It was so much fun kennady loved eating all our huckleberries and at dinner she got to have her own can of pop (it was almost gone). We havent ever given her a whole can before and she thought she had won the jackpot she wouldnt let anyone come near her pop. It was funny. We had a good time.

Kennady had to be just like Conner!

As most of you know Conner (kennadys cousin) burnt his foot two sundays ago. Well last sunday she burnt her foot i think it is even the same foot. She was outside walking on the blacktop and all of the sudden she just started to scream and i didnt know why untill i got to her and realized how hot the blacktop still was. I didnt think it was going to be so hot since it was already starting to get dark but it was so she had a blister on the bottom of her foot so we bandaged it up and she did fine with it. I sure wish she and conner didnt have to do everything the same!

Staying at Diane's house!

The last couple of weeks we have been staying at Dianes while they have been at the lake. It was really nice to get away for a couple of weeks and be able to do our own things. One morning we got up and went to breakfast. we started at IHOP but when we got there there was a long wait so we ended up at Sharies. While we were waiting for our food cody was playing around with the spoons showing kennady that they can hang on your nose. So after he showed her she decided to do it herself.
Here she is trying to get the spoon on her nose too. It was hilarious. She kept laughing too.
We also rode around on the 4-wheeler and she loved it she loves being outside and doing big girl things with her daddy.

And as usual she loves to ride in the pink jeep except this time she loved it even more she got the music to go on and cody put a big enough rock on the pedal that she could push the rock and make the car go. And once she did that she would squeel with excitement. All in all it was a great two weeks.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pioneer Day!!

Pioneer day this year was such a crazy day!! It started out with cody and i having to clean the church in the morning...although it ended up just cody cleaning cause we had no one to watch kennady and then we had a stake activity which was a lot of fun. they had tons of games and we played most of them. Then we had a parade where all the primary children walked around the fields and then we had lunch. All in all it was a lot of fun and a great day! They had a game that was a marshmallow wars so we had to get in on that game!
i put these two pictures backwards in the one with chris and sylvia and kennady you can see she is playing with a water balloon. and in this one she and sylvia are all wet and no more balloon it was super funny. but it was nice it was so hot it kept them cool.

heres clacie and cindy doing the water balloon toss

and chris and cody
They also had another game there that was sooo funny it was a relay race where you run down to a bat and spin with your forehead on the bat 20 times then run back. i wish my camera hadnt died but chris and cody did it was little boy down the street from us. they ran down there and ran back and they looked like they were drunk doing it and when they got back i was afraid they were going to puke but they didnt. So funny story they did this relay and got done and were dizzy and then the little boy came back a little while later and he went up to cody and chris and told them you didnt do all 20 so you really didnt win it was so funny and the kid could hardly stand up he was so dizzy it was fun.
Then that night cody and i DJed our first stake dance. It was really fun but also really nerve racking. We just got this calling and its a new one to our stake and so we are still new to everything so it was fun to DJ cody liked it alot and i am having fun getting things organized and set up. All in all it was a fun day and we love our new calling!