Friday, April 25, 2008

Silly boys Jeeps are for girls!

This week we are staying at Dianes while she and Rich are out of town, and in the garage we found this pink barbie jeep and so we thought she might like it. The only problem was that she was too little to reach the gas pedal, so cody found a rock and would put it on the gas pedal so it would drive and she would just sit and watch everything. it was so funny she loved it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Up date on the Joker...........

So i guess Alfred in the new Dark knight said in an interview that he kept stubbleing through some of his lines because he was so frightened from heath leadgers performance....

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kennady's Birthday Week!

This past week was kennady's birthday and with everyones work schedules we ended up Celebrating it three different times. I dont know why she thinks she is the princess around here.
On Sunday we had a little birthday party with Grandma and grandpa kunz and great grandma and grandpa kunz and also Rich and Diane it was a lot of fun we had cake and ice cream and opened presents. Rich and Diane gave her a TJ Berry tales bear he is so cute and kennady loves it when he tells stories and wiggles his ears.

She also got this chair that when she sits on it it sings. She loves it although she doesnt like to sit on it she likes to climb on it or she will just press the button in the middle of the chair so it will sing to her, while she dances.

She love balloons so Sylvia got her these balloons which entertained her forever. She also kept the crown on for a long time. She knows she is the princess around here.

We also had a luau party on saturday at my parents house. i made a cake that looked like a hut along side a beach and we let her go at it.

She got a pale and some little water balls that she loves to throw with her auntie em.

A new outfit from Nana

Another new outfit from my aunt Carey
and another new outfit from my grandma

Cody and i got her this for her birthday and she is really getting the hang of it, it moves fast sometimes so she likes to ride it like a car better.
On Wednesday night we decided to go out to dinner for her birthday and we went to Casa De Oro since she loves chips and refried beans. In this picture it was at the end of dinner and she lookes like all of us feel stuffed!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kennady's birthday morning!

Today is Kennady's birthday and for this morning we decided to open presents from my parents and from us. It was a lot of fun, at christmas time she really didnt understand what was going on and what would be inside the bags and wrapping but now she understood what she would find. It was funny after she had taken everthing out of the bag my parents gave her she kept going back to the bag and looking inside to see what else she could find.

This was cody's favorite gift we gave her. A golf set.

We also got her a little scooter she can walk with and it also turns into a little car she can drive.

Here she is looking in the bag to see what else she can find and she found a bubble machine for the bath.

She loved the windmill the Conner had at his house so my parents got her one too.

She also got a little popper thing and she loved it, although she has a hard time standing and popping it.

On saturday and sunday we are having her parties with the rest of the family so i will post pictures at those parties too. Also today we are going to shriners to check on her leg so i will let everyone know what they say when we learn more.