Friday, October 30, 2009

Its FINALLY time for a bath!!!!

Kennady got her cast off on Wednesday and she got to take a bath her leg is still pretty tender so cody got in with her. She loved it so far a bath a day, what did i do for 4 1/2 months with no bath?


Here is our little tinkerbell ready for tunker treat.


We had a halloween party this year. Here is everyone who came. Dont mind Arah she didnt have very much fun so she fell asleep ;) And the table with all the food it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My baby girl is officially a big girl!!

My little girl is not longer little she is now a big girl. Yesterday she learned she could climb out of her crib...with a full leg cast on i might add...anyway i was stressed all night thinking she is going to fall out and break something else. So today i took her crib down and put a twin mattress on the floor and now she is going to sleep in a big girl bed. I cant believe how grown up she is getting. She was so excited too i made the bed and we sat on it to see how it worked and i asked her "what do you think of your new big girl bed." and she replied "its perfect" It was so cute. Well now we just have to make sure she stays in her bed all night, but i figure its worth it since now every time i hear anything from her room i dont have to wonder if she fell out or not.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One thing after the next.

Just to catch everyone up Kennady has been in a cast for 14 weeks as of today. We went in to the doctors and the plan was to take the cast off and get a brace. Well last week she was getting her diaper changed and ended up bending her leg back all the way to her butt. She cried and i thought it was because of her knee being super sensitive since it has been in a cast for 10 weeks and not being able to bend it. Well she wouldnt walk on it or crawl for a day or two and then she started to crawl again so we thought it was getting better but when we went to the doctor today we had a huge surprise they took an xray of her leg and were looking to see how the bottom of her leg was healing (side note it is healing really well more bone is forming all the time) but as they looked at the xray they noticed that she had a break right above her knee. I could not believe it she has had a break in her leg for almost a week and i neve knew. Anyway so now she is back in a cast long leg cast for 4 more weeks then we are suppose to get it off but you never know what will happen in a month. I will update more as time goes on.