Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just so i dont forget

I'm just writting this more for me than anyone else, since this is kind of my journal. So yesterday Cody, Kennady and I went to dinner at noodle express and by the time we were done kennady was covered in noodles and sauce so cody took her to the bathroom to get all cleaned up. It was the mens bathroom but it didnt have a bunch of stalls or anything like that so he was trying to go pee but could cause as he is trying to go kennady is over at the paper towel dispenser which happens to be automatic, standing under it taking paper towel after paper towel laughing each time one comes out. saying... look daddy they just keep coming (rip)and coming (rip)and coming(rip). and knowing that she should be using these and not wasting them she wipes her face each time one comes out and she rips if off. When he told me i laughed so hard i was crying she is so cute sometimes.