Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family Photo 2009

Right before Christmas we decided to have some pictures taken and Arah (madelinejamesphotogrophy) was so nice to do the for us even though it was freazing the day we did them, they turned out awesome. Kennady wouldnt smile for anything she was so cold but we got some awesome ones anyway.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Davenport Gingerbread houses

I have been super lazy about blogging lately, my computer and internet have been acting up so to download a photo takes forever and i am not patient enough to wait but today it seems to be a little faster so i will add this post and try it again for the rest of christmas another day. This year my grandma from Idaho Falls came up for christmas it was so nice having her here she stayed for two weeks so we did lots of stuff so she wouldnt get to board. One night we went to the Davenport Hotel to see the gingerbread houses, they were really cool....some of them...and i didnt take pictures of the not so great ones but here are just a few. This one was cool made with pretzles and candy rocks.
Kennady liked this one a lot it was veggie tales Jonah and the whale
Lady and the Tramp

Whoville with the grinch on mount Crumpit(spelling?)

This one was by far the best it blew me away its snow white and the seven dwarfs i dont know who made it but they should get a gold metal or something all the tiny little detail amazing! This was the outside with all the seven dwarfs and snow White sleeping and the prince.
This was the inside all the beds had names on the headboards and chairs all around the table with a kitchen in the back ground it was so cool.

More Christmas to come!!