Monday, June 30, 2008

Cody is 24

On suday was Cody's birthday and he is now 24, which he kept telling us that he is sooo old he is almost 30. So i am afraid of what will happen in the next couple of years but oh well. On saturday we celebrated most of his birthday that morning he went to work with his dad and then when he got home he and my dad went golfing, and he was able to get one of his presents, which was a golf set. He was the happiest guy i have ever seen when he learned what he had gotten. Then later that night we went to Black Angus for dinner, its one of cody's favorite steak places. After dinner we went and saw the movie get smart, which was really good we laughed the whole time i would defiently recommend it. Then on sunday we to see cody's friend speak and then we went to his parents house where he got to take a nap, which doesnt normaly happen all the time since normaly one of us has to stay awake with kennady, then we had a big dinner and played games with matt and arah. It was lots of fun and he said it was the best birthday he's ever had. He also got a game that we love to play which is ticket to ride and he also got the fruit delights treats.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Missionary homecoming!

Yesterday Cody's friend Max Barnett got home from his mission so we went to see him at the air port.

We love Softball and hotdogs!

This last weekend we went to Moses Lake for another softball tournament. This time it was for my middle sister Amy. Our family is a softball family if you havent been able to tell yet. Both of my sisters play softball Emily played all through high school on varsity and now she is playing at Walla Walla community college, Amy my youngest sister is playing in high school right now and she playes summer ball which my dad coaches. So we do softball stuff pretty much all year. This weekend while we were in moses lake we went to this place called Chicos for dinner. It was a very different place. They have pizzas and fries and the pizzas have the most toppings on them i have ever seen when you pick up your piece most of the pizza is toppings. It was pretty good too. Also you buy your pop by the pitcher full and it was really cheap!

Also this weekend we had lots of hot dogs at the games and kennady loves them. She loves them any way she can get them. This is the first time she has had a corn dog but she ate the whole thing!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A new baby Boy!!

My best friend Kimbo had her baby last week, and tonight we got to go over there and see him! He is the cutest thing ever! I was so excited to see them, her husband Jared called us when they were at the hospital and then we hadnt heard from them since then and i was starting to get worried since normaly we talk to eachother at least once a week just to see how we are all doing. So finaly we talked to them today and found out that she was in labor for 14 hours pushed for 4 and then they had to do an emergancy C-section and they just got home from the hospital on sunday. But luckily everyone is fine and everything went fine. So night we stopped by to drop off a breast pump and see the baby, he is so big compared to how big kennady was when she was born he was 8 pound 14 ounces and now he is over 9 pounds and only a week old. It almost made me want one but as soon as we sat down and started talking about labor and all you have to go through i thought i would just stick to lovin on her baby!

When kids are quiet trouble is happening!

Yesterday i was doing my normal routine cleaning and stuff, and normaly i just let kennady crawl around and she just playes with her toys. But yesterday i sat down for a minute and thought i wonder what kennady is up to she was being super quiet and this is what i found, she was eating handfuls of pancake mix. She even had a pancake mustache!

Just like her Auntie Em!

This last weekend my sister Emily got home from College, and Kennady is just in love with her. We went to softball games and she wanted to play so bad that after the game Emily and i took her out on the field and let her hold the bat and run the bases. She loved it until we were half way to first and then she just wanted to get in the dirt and play.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My little Girl is now 15!!!

Kennady has now decided that she is 15 years old. The last couple of days my sister Amy who is 15 has come home from school with friends, and the second they walk in the door Kennady wants to do whatever they are doing. They normally end up upstairs in Amys room with Kennady knocking at the door and it makes me laugh and almost cry at the same time. I feel so bad that she is left out and only gets to hang out with her boring old mom, but at the same time it is so cute to see her there knocking and asking for mayme. Yesterday i could not believe it when my dad went to take Amy's friend home, she crawled up the stairs as fast as she could to get outside and go with them but she was too late so she sat on the front porch crying waiting for them to get home, it just killed me to watch so i tried to play outside with her( knowing how much she wants outside) and she did not want me or outside but as soon as Amy got home she wanted to be inside with her. I just cant believe it she all of the sudden grew up 14 years overnight. I was really hoping that we wouldnt have this problem untill we had another kid and the next one would want to always be with kennady but i guess we are starting early!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Before the Play!

Before the play we went to Fred Meyers to kill sometime and kennady has recently liked having sunglasses on so i thought i would put this picture of her in her new shades!

Snow White and the Black Forest!

For FHE this week we went to a play that Cindy was in for School. It was called Snow White and the Black Forest. It was really funny and super cute. Cindy played two characters the first was Ms. Out of time and she was really cute and funny. She also played a guy and i cant remember what her name was but she had to have a beard so she tierd her hair around her face and it was really funny, she came up with that idea too!
Here she is being a guy.

Here she is as Ms. Out of time

It was a super cute play and she did great!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

hey everyone

hi guys i just wanted to let everyone know that i just started a new blog called, so check it out!

Monday, June 2, 2008

just a quick update!

So today we are over at Chris and Sylvias and we were just playing games and watching tv when all of the sudden we heard clacie and sylvia in the kitchen telling kennady she could do it come a little farther and then they were also counting! So Cody and i went running in and kennady was walking to clacie she took 7 steps before she lost her balance and crawled the rest of the way. So we are getting a walker we havent gotten her on camera yet but when we do i will post pictures and videos.