Monday, August 24, 2009

Grandpa Macks funeral.

My grandpa Mack past away last sunday so my parents and kennady and i went to his funeral in Idaho Falls. It was a really cool funeral my sisters and i sang and all the grandkids went up and put a rose in a vase and told a couple of memories of our grandpa. Then at the grave site they did the military salute. Which i have never seen before. My grandpa surved in WWII. It was amazing. This was the first funeral i have been to of someone i was close to. We lived next to my grandparents until i was 11 and we spent a lot of time at their house. While being down there it made me miss being close to my grandparents especially my grandma. I dont think there is anyone in the whole world as perfect as my grandma. I cant wait till cody is done with school and we can live closer to her. This is kennady and me at the luncheon.
We also got a first cousin picture with my grandma. This is the first time in a very long time since we have all been together. Minus spouses
From left to right. ( emily, amy, me, Traci, Bethany, Audra, Shila, Tristan, Grandma Eva, Adam, Jason,Tyler, Travis, Michael and Nathan.)

Before and After.

I thought i would post a before and after just to show the HUGE difference in Kennadys leg. This is the day before we went in for surgery.
This is 6 weeks after her surgery.

We have made it three years already

On tuesday was our 3 year anniversary but we didnt get to spend it together since i was driving down to my grandpas funeral and cody had to stay home and work. So we celebrated that weekend instead. Cody planned the whole thing and he did great. We went to dinner then he took me down town for a horse drawn carriage ride. Then we went to this pottery store and painted our stuff. He also had Chris and Sylvia watch kennady over night so we got to sleep in the next day too.
here we are painting our stuff. Cody a plate and me two salt and pepper shaker pigs.

on the carriage ride.
Our carriage.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

6 weeks done and only 6 more to go!

Today we went to shriners and kennady got her last cast off and got a new one put on. she did really well but was very scared the whole time. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot she kept saying "no go to nanas house" This is mom trying to distract her.
She found her own way of being distracted. This picture if mostly for cody he is always taking pictures of her with her fingers in her nose.
This is what her leg looks like without the cast. Its nice and straight. I will put some before and after pics up later.
Another pic of her straight leg. she has a scare on her knee and one on her lower leg where the big scab is. But all is going well her leg is trying to heal which is good and some new bone has formed. She now has a purple cast on and on the 9th of september we go back in to see how things are looking.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cody's Triathlon

This year cody and his friend from work Chris decided to do a triathlon. They have been training for it for most of the summer at least the running part. So on saturday cody got his bike and everything ready went out to medical lake and as he was walking to the check in spot his tire blew out....we have no idea what happend if he ran over somthing or what but he called me in a panic. so what did i do start driving all over town trying to find a bike tube that fits his tire which happens to be an uncommon size. well it started at ten and nothing opens until ten so i found a little bit smaller one and figured that would have to do. so we are almost to the race its about 10:06 and cody calls he is already done with the swim and the bike portion is next so he had to disqualify himself from the race. Which i know he was bummed about but the people there said he could do the swim and run part of it they just wouldnt be able to give him his time. So when his buddy chris came back from the bike portion they took off together and ran the last 3 miles. He did awesome too.
This is kenndy giving him loves after the race.
Chris and Cody right after the race
crossing the finish line.

heading into the 3 mile run

his friend chris getting in from the bike portion.