Friday, July 18, 2008

We love the movie Enchanted!

So Kennady has never been one to watch tv much. She may stop and look at what is on but she is never interested she would much rather play or go outside. Well this week i borrowed Sylvias movie Enchanted, and now i need to buy it. Kennady absolutly loves it. I can put it on in the morning and she watches it while i get her dressed and do her hair and i can even get me ready too. Its amazing!!! So i was thinking maybe she was just getting to the age where she liked something on tv. So i have tried cartoons in the morning and she has no interest. So i thought it was all the singing so i tried little mermaid and Aladdin and still no it is only with Enchanted. Its the funniest thing ever but it sure makes mornings a million times easier.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sylvia's Birthday!

Saturday was Sylvia's birthday so we spent the whole day celebrating. We had lunch/dinner at olive garden, which is one of our favorite places to go. And then we went to Coeur D Alene and walked up and down sherman street and looked at all the cool shops. I think the favorite shop was the toy store. I think my husband and my daughter were the same age in there. Then we went to dockside and had Gooies.....they are sooo yummy and they are huge. we couldnt even finish ours and we were sharing. Then we went home and played games it was lots of fun.
I love this picture if only kennady were looking at the camera!
Oh by the way kennady LOVED the gooies.

Kennady has gotten so she is a really good helper(at times) she got this card for Sylvia and took it to her, it was really cute!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July madness!

So for the 4th of July this year we decided to go to my grandparents house and go "camping". Well kind of camping, we slept in a tent but it was in my grandparent's yard and we BBQ'ed most of our food and also made dutch oven food but, we still had bathrooms, showers, tv and other the other stuff you have at your house. Anyway so we left on thursday with our friends kimbo and jared and their baby monty and drove to Lewiston. We had hot dogs for dinner and ended up going into town and going to see the movie Hancock(by the way not as good as it looks in my opinion) then the next day we got up and had french toast and bacon and we headed out to the lake. The only thing was my grandpa had hurt his leg really bad, it might be fractured, and he was still trying to fix his boat so we decided we would just take our boat out and go tubing and find an island to go fix dinner. So when we got there my dad, emily, amy and kennady got in the boat and took off to look around a bit. well about 30 seconds later we see them coming toward us but they are rowing the boat. i guess the engine started smoking and just quite well, and i wish i had my camera for this but it was in the boat, but just picture this amy is holding kennady, while my dad and emily and rowing and they are facing the dock but there was too much of a head wind so they were rowing as fast as they could and never moved so cody and jared jumped in the water and swam over there and started draging the boat back to shore. it actually worked really well, but our boating for the day was over. So instead we went to a different place and we went swimming and had dutch oven chicken and peach cobbler, it was sooo yummy! Then when we got back we lit off a bunch of fire works and went to bed! Then the next morning we got all packed up and ready to leave and we found another beach on the way home and swam for awhile and then just got home! We had tons of fun and got lots of sun!! But now we are headed off to go to the movie in the park to see the incredibles and have dinner so i hope everyone elses 4th was fun too.
This is kennady and cody after we got the boat back on the trailer
This is where we went swimming its called dworshak and the water is so warm it was amazing. the bottom picture is at the bottom of the road we had to drive up to get there and the top is when we were getting close. It was so beautiful.