Thursday, April 22, 2010

ITS A..........

So on sunday i am teaching a lesson on journals and i got to thinking how bad i am at writting in a journal i normaly intend to write and if i get started it takes me so long to actually write it out i end up skipping details or just not writting at all so i thought this is the best form of a journal i can get and i would rather type than write so anyway this post is mostly for journal purposes and to let everyone know we are expecting our second baby. Due October 28th 2010, We are so excited. It took us a long time to get pregnant with this one. partly because we didnt know if we were going to try for more or not. With kennady being two months early we wondered if we should try again or if that was too big of a risk for me and the baby. Then when we found out about kennadys leg problem we had to find out if it was genetic or not, if it was we said that we were not going to have any more for fear of the next one have a more critical bone not right. lucky for us we found out it wasnt. But then after all that we still ended up trying for a year before we finaly got pregnant it was crazy. We really had to trust in the lord and his time table with kennady we didnt even try to get pregnant and she came this one we tryed so hard that we figured if it doesnt happen then we will have to adopt. Anyway we are so excited to be having another one. Someone for kennady to play with.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kennadys 3rd Birthday Party

My little girl turned three this weekend. I still cant believe she is that old..anyway we had a little party for her. It started out being a fiesta but they dont have much at the store for a fiesta so we changed it to a princess party, but since i had already bought the pinata we still used it and the kids loved it. Kennady got the donkeys ear off.

All the candy on the floor
All of kennadys presents. and she had a ton!
fun blanket that she takes with her eveywhere know from, kimbo,jared and monty
Tinker bell from nana and papa kunz
princess crown from nana and papa anderson
Color wonder markers from aunty em
Cody showed kennady how she could put a balloon in her shirt and look like mommy she thought it was funny. Except i'm not even close to that big.
It was a fun party lots of food and presents, thanks to everyone who could make it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

BBQ for Mikes Birthday

A few weeks ago we had a party for mikes birthday. I didnt get too many pictures but we had a blast it was a pretty nice day so the kids got to play outside on dianes toys and we had an arrayment of meats with italian sodas and of course cake, it wasnt a big thing but we had a nice time hanging out.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Visiting Corey, Laurie, Conner and Chris

A couple of weeks ago we went down to utah to hang with the fam down there. We had a blast and wish we lived closer so the kidos could play more often. Here we are having dinner.
We did a little birthday party for the kids since their birthdays are only 4 days apart, sylvia gave conner some dart guns and so conner got all of his other dart guns out and it ended in 3 brothers running all over the house having a war it was hillarious and cody said was one of the funnest things he has done in a long time. He really misses being close to his brothers.
Uncle chris showing the kids how to load the gun.
Poor chris bit into a pepperchiny and it squirted up his nose it was funny but we all felt bad for him it made him cry.
We went to the mall one day and found the easter bunny and kennady LOVES things like that so we went to see the bunny and get our picture taken.
Waiting in line with the fake grass bunny.
conner had these goggles and the kids loved wearing them, they are so funny.
At the mall they have this train that drives around so we took the kids so they could ride they loved it.
They spotted the train.
two little love birds they played really well together and when they saw eachother it was like they had just played the day before.
We went to TexasRhoad House one night for dinner.. its one of our favorite places to eat. So we had to get the traditional picture with all of us at dinner.
We rode around in Uncle chirs' car for the weekend since he had enough room for all of us. And in the very far back was this bar for hanging clothes but the kids found another use for it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sleepover Party at Nana Kunz's house

Kennady got to go over to nanas house last night and spent the night. while they were there they dyed easter eggs. My little girl is getting so big i love this picture.
I guess she really liked blue

Their hands after they did all the eggs.

Getting all cleaned up. I love that cindy gets in the bath fully clothed to play with kennady.

And their hands after they got all cleaned up.