Saturday, May 31, 2008


This weekend i went to my cousins graduation in St. Maries Idaho. Which is about an hour east of spokane. It was a lot of fun but also really wierd to me. My cousin was one of about 25 kids that graduated and thats his whole class. I cant even imagine being in such a small class i was one of about 400 and that was a small class size. It was also a very personal graduation there was a lot of time when they got their diplomas to stand and get their pictures taken by their parnents which was not how it happened when i graduated either. It was very different but in some ways i like it better and in others i loved mine. But the most amazing thing that happend, and it shocked me was that at the end of the graduation they said a prayer to end it. How crazy is that i thought we couldnt do that. Anyway it was a lot of fun to go to such a small graduation, but they way things are going i will be going to a graduation once a year for about the next 10 years till everyone graduates so i guesss i will have lots of times to see how different schools do things.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Funny looking men!

For Christmas this last year i got a bunch of dishes that had these funny looking men on them, to decorate my kitchen with. So i have been saving them waiting to get a house and this past week i thought i would get them out and draw a couple of them so i could use them as pictures in my kitchen. So that is what i did yesterday, so now all i need is a kitchen to put them in.

Memorial Weekend!

This weekend Corey and Laurie and Christopher came to town for Memorial Day, Which was awesome cause we had no idea what we were going to do so when they surprised us and told us they would be coming we were really excited! We had a blast the boys got to go golfing twice while they were here and the girls ended up hitting every mall in town. They kids had a good time seeing eachother too. They are so similar it is crazy! Except that Conner is walking and Kennady isnt! They got along great and they seem to keep eachother entertained, which makes things a lot easier for Laurie and myself!
Dont you love Sylvias make shift gate for this weekend!
We were at the river front park mall and the kids loved this little strolller! Although in the end it held all our stuff and we had to hold the kids!

We also went to the sawtooth grill, which was very good!

Conner got a little bit of diet coca and he went crazy, it was the funniest thing ever!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Not Genetic!!!

Well today we went to the genetics doctor and found out that Kennady's leg thing is not genetic! Which we are so relieved, he told us we would probably have to have about a hundred more kids before this would happen again! So now we just have to find out what to do with her leg and know that our next kids wont have the same problem! Thanks for everything everyone!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lilac Parade!

This weekend we also went to the Lilac Parade downtown. We had a blast i got to have a snowcone which i have been dying for since last summer when we went down to utah, so it helped my craving except they werent as good as the ones you get down there. Also Kennady loved all of the different things that went by. All of the different lights and sounds she really liked the bands when they played she would dance it was supper cute. She also loved it when she got to stand with grandma or grandpa. Here she is close to the end of the parade with grandpa and waving at someone who waved back at her.
Of course all the military men and women went by and i just loved it. there is something about a man in a uniform that i have always loved. Although i never wanted Cody to actually be one of those men to scary.
Still with grandpa
Now with grandma.
She also liked the floats with the princess' they always had fun music and lots of lights.
I had to take a picture of this truck cause Cody really wants this truck in the same color when we are rich. So anyday now we should be getting one. LOL
more music

She just loved this one it had the most lights on it.

She was really interested in the fire truck too she jumped when it honked but still watched it the whole wayHere she is watching and clapping about something!

These cars were really cool there were about four or five of them and it was really fun to watch them turn the corner on just three wheels.

This wasnt as interesting to kennady as it was to Cody and Me.

Kennday liked the cops too.
This was close to the end of the parade cause she was getting pretty tierd and it was already ten when we left but she watched the whole time and loved every minute of it.

The beggining of summer!

This weekend has been so hot its been amazing, i have really been ready for some hot weather and it finally came. So this weekend on friday it was about 85 degrees here, and so kennady and i decided to go shopping and so we went to the store and i found her this pool for 5 bucks thanks to walmart. So when we got home i blew it up and then thinking that it would be too cold for kennady with just the hose i filled it up picher full by picher full from the sink with luke warm water. She just sat in it waiting for the me to get all the water in it. She absolutley loved it. I had just combined her two favorite things bath(water) and outside.
She is also a big lover of the trampoline. We play a game where i will run around and try to get her and she loves crawling all over it and then she will sit in the middle where i cant reach her and just bounce on her bum its the cutest thing ever. This is her bouncing. Oh i loved her swim suite i bought it this winter and she hadent even tried it on till this weekend and it is so cute. Still a little big but she should fit great by the time we are ready to go out on the boat this summer.
Here she is crawling away from me.

Button Pusher!

Recently Kennady has learned how to push the buttons on the TV and which one does which. So every morning while i am trying to get ready i put the Disney Channel on and she goes and pushes the TV on and off a bunch of times. But seeing that it doesnt get my attention she decideds to turn the volume up untill it cant go anymore and then i have to come out and turn it down and we do this all morning till i am ready and she is satisfied. What a stinker!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Family Pictures

This week we decided to take family pictures. It has been so nice the past couple of days and we decided on Wednesday that we would have Clacie come with us and take pictures. We had a blast it was really hard though to get kennady to watch clacie she was always looking at the people or the dogs going by and when we were by the waterfall she kept watching the water and wanting to get in, but if you know about Mirabeou park the water is way gross and so we had to fight her on that. But in the end we got a few good ones. This is one of the ones that i like the best except for kennadys funny look on her face.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day!

This Mothers day was amazing! I cant believe i have been a mother for over a year now. I also am amazed at how big kennady has gotten and what we have been through to get here. Yesterday morning Cody and Kennady got up early and let me sleep in which is a huge treat for me and when i got up we opened gifts which Cody got me a Liz Claiborne purse which i love, his mom had gotten one from clacie the weekend before and i was totally jeleous and so cody got me one too, and Kennady got me a book by my favorite author Mary Higgins Clark. Then after church we had dinner and we made Cheese it Chicken and double stuffed potatoes and then for Dessert we had crock pot cake, which is one of my most favorite desserets, then we played games. It was the best mothers day ever. I am so glad that i am a mother. I have the best family ever!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Softball Season!

Last weekend my mom and kennady and i drove to Yakima to see my sister Emily play softball. My sister plays for Walla Walla community college and she is really good she got a scholarship to go and play there for two years and she loves it. I on the other hand am not so good at softball so i just stick to watching and cheering. Anyway Emily loves when we all come and watch especially when we bring Kennady. So a couple of weeks ago i made her a shirt so when she goes to the games she has a shirt just like us(they dont make baby shirts for softball) and we surprised emily with it. On the front is the same as their shirts and on the back it says Go Em, Emilys entire team loves it she is their favorite mascott. So after the games were over and by the way they won both games. We all went to Miners for dinner which is one of the teams favorite places to go. I hadnt ever been before but fell in love with it once we were there. This Kennady and my sister Emily after the games and dinner.

This is Emily up to bat. She is a hard hitter for being so little. She had a harder time this last game cause she had gotten hit in the arm with a pitch that made her elbow all swell up and bruise in a matter of minutes but she never shows that she is injured she just playes like nothings wrong. She is amazing, i am a big pushover for pain.

Kennady is learning to walk and loves to all the time, she also loves her sparkly shoes she will wiggle her feet and watch them sparkle.
This is my sister watching the game she is number 7.

Here's kennady at the end of the second game it was getting a little bit cold by this time since it was almost 9 but she loves being outside so she never complains a bit.
We had an awesome time going and seeing emily play, their team is a lot of fun to watch and see how they do things different than other teams. They are so organized and they do everything the same way ever time. Which the coaches say makes them look like winner and it really shows, other teams just dont look at porfessional as they do. Well thats all for now. I love you Em.