Friday, May 29, 2009


Last week kennady was playing outside and she tripped and fell face first on the sidewalk and ended up with this red nose. I didnt get it at its worst this was about 4 days later but she had quite the red scratched nose.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last weekend Kennady and i went with my parents to go see my sister emilys tournament. This was her last softball game playing with Walla Walla she graduates in a couple weeks. Any way it was a lot of fun and we got tons of sun. This is Emily and Kennady. Everyone on the team loves Kennady and they all wish that she would warm up to them but the only person she likes is emily and let me tell you there is no one in the world as great as Emily in Kennadys eyes.
This was the final team photo they won 2nd in the whole tournament. The highest place Walla walla had ever gotten was 4th which they got last years so they did awesome.

Emily making a great catch.
these are a couple of emilys friends. (left to right) Kayla, Natalie and Emily
While we were there we went to Joes crab shack it was really yummy and lot of fun. it was emilys and one of the dads birthdays so they made them dress up it was funny.Kisses

Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Accident

On my way home from my moms house tonight i was witnessed an accident. It was so sureal, i was driving behind a car and we were coming up on a stop sign but the car wasnt slowing down, i didnt think much of it except oh she is about to run a stop sign. And she did but just as she did she slammed right into the side of another car and shoved him into a guys yard and within feet of the guys house. It shocked me, my grandma was in the car with me and we both looked and eachother and i grabbed my phone. I called 911 and reported the accident as i was calling the two girls from the car who was in front of me got out and looked really shaken up, but the guy in the other car was not gettting out his door was so smashed he wouldnt have been able to get out his side anyway. Luckily the owner from the house came out and was talking to the guy in the car. I'm pretty sure he was pinned in the car. It was so crazy and it happend in just seconds i couldnt believe it. It made me really stop and think about driving and how something can happen so fast. I am so glad that it wasnt me in the accident and that my little girl wasnt with me either. I just felt blessed tonight to have my husband home with me and for all of us to be safe.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its Christmas at our house

This past week Kennady has gotten into a couple different movies. Her favorite is How the Grinch Stole Christmas and not the animated version, she likes the one with Jim Carey in it. Her second favorite is The Polar Express so we pretty much just watch these movies all day. So it feels like Christmas is coming soon. Anyway if you end up seeing a picture with our tree up its just cause i have no idea what time of year it is anymore. lol
Here she is eating cereal and watching the grinch.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Little Wierd

Yesterday i was standing outside in front of a red box when this guy comes over he may have been homeless or just drinks a lot but you get the idea. Anyway we started up a conversation with me and this is how it went.
Man "this is a pretty fancy manchine huh"
Me "yeah i like it"
Man" Sorry i have the hiccups"
Me "thats to bad i hate the hiccups"
Then he gave me this flower/bush branch and walked about 5 feet away and sat on a bench.
So i thought my wierd experience was over except it wasnt. I kept looking at movies and all of the sudden he started talking again. Except i was the only one around and he wasnt talking to me he also didnt have a bluetooth or anything cause i looked. Here is what he said.
Man " sorry i have the hiccups." Pause "how do you get rid of the hiccups" another pause "backing soda really? Does it work?" a long pause " i will have to try that thanks for the tip" and then he walked off and i went back to my car it was a little wierd i dont know who he was talking to or even if backing soda would really get rid of the hiccups but it was funny and we had a good laugh about it.