Monday, April 25, 2011


Oh my Kennady, this girl is so crazy and we love her so much. Over this last year she has grown a ton she is such a crazy, sweet, caring, and spunky girl.

Miss Kennady

* Kennady loves so many things, she loves to play outside i'm pretty sure she would live out there if i let her. She loves to ride her bike, swim and LOVES going on motorcycle rides with papa.

* She is a wonderful big sister/cousin. She likes to go out and visit Mackenzie and talkes about her all the time. She also likes to babysit and help with her cousin Emmit.

* She is also super super stubborn, when she gets something into her head she is stuck on it and she remembers everything and i mean everything!!

* We love her more than anything and cant wait to watch her keep growing. Here are some pictures from one of her birthday parties she had two one at Nana and Papa Kunz house and one when we went to my sister Emilys house with my parents.

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